Elsewhere: Stone on Blogs, Another Friend of Bloomberg’s

Dana Rubinstein writes up today's briskly concluded protest at The New School.

Roger Stone: "These blog freaks that interpolate going to the Albany area where I have many, many friends and is just north of where my parents live in the very tip of northern Westchester; they've decided that democracy is about to fall and there's all kinds of skulduggery. "

Michael Bloomberg recaps his paid ads in a free radio appearance.
David Chen, who knows more than a little about Jersey City, notes that Bloomberg is throwing open his Upper East Side townhouse to raise money for Mayor Jerramiah Healey.

When asked about campaigning against rich, self-financed candidates like Bloomberg, an advocate for publicly financing campaigns told college students, “There is no perfect solution to that. However, in reality those situations account for only about five percent of all races.”

A New York court has denied a woman parents' rights after her partner, with whom she had a Vermont civil union, had a baby.

For New York Democrats, "the year of governing anxiously may give way to the year of living fractiously."

Some decade-old comic stylings of Bloomberg campaign manager Bradley Tusk.

Former Boston mayor and ambassador to the Vatican Raymond Flynn opposes the appointment of Caroline Kennedy to his old post.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton take their meeting to the playground.

Obama is expected to lift restrictions to allow Cuban Americans to visit relative in Cuba and send remittances. Elsewhere: Stone on Blogs, Another Friend of Bloomberg’s