Elsewhere: Supermarket Surge, Rail to Binghamton

Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand and the senators of Pennsylvania are lobbying the federal government to help get passenger rail between Binghamton and Scranton, with service continuing to New York City.

The Brooklyn Paper thinks Michael Bloomberg might oppose making the Gowanus a Superfund because he's afraid that the city, as a polluter, might be stuck paying for part.

The Times gets into the politics of it.

City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden is creating incentives for developers to build more supermarkets.

Betsy Gotbaum endorsed Cy Vance for district attorney.

Stimulus money is funding repairs on some subway stations in Brooklyn.

Alex Balk has a theory which seems to apply to Eliot Spitzer: "If you are a politician whose career has been damaged or derailed by a sex scandal, the period of your rehabilitation is directly correlated to the popularity of your immediate successor."

Thirty-seven million dollars of federal stimulus money will be spent on projects scattered around New York Harbor.

The Economist wants Michael Bloomberg to do something about the World Trade Center debacle.

Another city-versus-tenant situation is growing under the Kosciuszko.

According to a Quinnipiac poll, New Jersey supports gay marriage.

Marc Ambinder explains why he thinks Obama is so incredibly popular even though, in theory, he shouldn't be.

Elsewhere: Supermarket Surge, Rail to Binghamton