Gioia Faces the Threat of Fast Food, Publicly

Eric Gioia said he wants a moratorium on new fast-food restaurants opening up within 500 feet of public schools.

“This has a direct impact on our children’s health” and represent “a clear and present danger” to their health, Gioia told reporters on Sunday.

Like his publicity-savvy friend, Morgan Spurlock, who built a career on sounding the alarm on fast food, Gioia is getting an impressive amount of exposure for his initiative.(Here, below, is his appearance this morning on The Brian Lehrer Show.)

It should be noted that Gioia's proposal is not unlike one floated in 2006 City Councilman Joel Rivera, who wanted to change local zoning laws to cap the number of fast-food restaurants in certain neighborhoods, citing the dangers they posed to children's health. At the time, Gioia said the proposal was worth exploring. Some news coverage was critical of the plan and, ultimately, Rivera never submitted it as a bill for consideration by the City Council.

Gioia hasn’t drafted a bill yet on his current proposal and so far, no one is saying much about its chances of passage. Gioia Faces the Threat of Fast Food, Publicly