Hitch Ditches Correspondents Bash, Partiers Proceed to Pierre’s Place

On May 9, when celebrities and reporters come stumbling out of the Hilton Washington following this year’s hotly anticipated White House Correspondents Dinner, there’s one party they can scratch off the list: Christopher Hitchens’ house party.

Mr. Hitchens, who has played host for Vanity Fair’s intimate after-party on and off for years, is pulling out this time around.

A spokeswoman for Vanity Fair said the magazine has decided to make its annual soiree a bit bigger this year and will team up with Bloomberg News on a combined bash taking place at the nearby Kalorama Road residence of French Ambassador Pierre Vimont.

“Because we’re doing it with Bloomberg, we needed a larger space,” said Beth Kseniak, the magazine’s spokeswoman. “Our party at Christopher’s was a little more intimate.”

Mr. Hitchens hosted the exclusive fete the past two years—and had hosted it five times before that—with Todd Purdum and Dee Dee Myers in the one surefire after-party that promised to be quieter, cooler and free of crowds and lines.

Last year, The Daily Transom spotted David Carr, Christiane Amanpour, Jacob Heilbrunn and Jacob Weisberg mingling among the giant stacks of books, including 28 volumes by Gore Vidal, in Mr. Hitchens’ writerly apartment on Columbia Road. In 2007, his guests included Jane Fonda, Paul Wolfowitz, Antonin Scalia and Michael Chertoff.

Despite the combined resources, this year’s bash will be smaller than last year’s big Bloomberg blowout at the Embassy of Costa Rica. Ms. Kseniak said the entire guest list will be trimmed to just 200 people.

Hitch Ditches Correspondents Bash, Partiers Proceed to Pierre’s Place