Libertarians pick Kaplan for Governor

The New Jersey Libertarian Party has nominated Kenneth Kaplan, who has made numerous bids for public office over the last 34 years, as their candidate for Governor. The 61-year-old Parsippany resident was the Libertarian candidate for Governor in 1989 and 1993, and made his first bid for public office in 1975 as a candidate for State Assembly against then-freshman Richard Codey.

Kaplan says his priorities are to phase out the state income tax and reduce the size and cost of government, and wants the state to enact legislation to supersede local zoning ordinances, removing zoning barriers.

“The current system prevents owners of single family homes from converting them to two family homes and the owners of two family homes from converting them to three families,” stated Kaplan. “This solution will solve the affordable housing crisis, not just for people moving into the new units, but also for many of whom might be senior citizens.”

A graduate of Brandeis University and New York University Law School, Kaplan was with the Archie Schwartz Company and Edgerton Realty before starting his own firm. Libertarians pick Kaplan for Governor