McCain campaign fixture ‘Joe the Plumber’ set to help Lonegan

CLARK – The Hail Mary Pass John McCain threw at the end of his presidential campaign will land in the arms of Steve Lonegan on May 5th, as everyman Joe the Plumber arrives in New Jersey to stump with the former mayor of Bogota, a Republican candidate for governor.

“It’s all set,” said Lonegan campaign strategist Rick Shaftan.

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher of Ohio – dubbed ‘Joe the Plumber’ by McCain last year as the presidential candidate strove for an example of how Barack Obama’s tax plan would impact the middle class – is scheduled to appear with Lonegan at a candidate’s fundraiser at the Deutscher Club of Clark.

Intent on buying a plumbing business making close to $250,000 annually, Wurzelbacher said he feared being unduly punished by an Obama administration, and hit the campaign trail in iconic fashion with McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Orginally hailed as a blue collar pillar, Wurzelbacher came to symbolize the fissures in the McCain campaign, as he criticized the presidential candidate after the loss and stuck by Palin in the face of McCain partisans who said the Alaskan helped sink the senator’s chances.

  McCain campaign fixture ‘Joe the Plumber’ set to help Lonegan