Morning Read: Bloomberg Angry at Air Force One, Seabook Helps His Sister, Quietly

Larry Seabrook never told Christine Quinn, or anyone else, that he recommended his sister for a lucrative consulting job as part of a legislative deal he brokered with an advertising agency. Quinn has now referred the matter to the city Conflict of Interest Board.

Rock Hackshaw trashes Michael Bloomberg and Charles Barron because both are seeking third terms.

Clyde Haberman says Malcolm Smith is unknown, and, therefore, not an effective leader. He also writes that “Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has largely been AWOL in this crisis, even though he could do some serious arm-twisting among Albany Republicans, having underwritten their political campaigns.”

A draft report from Senate Democrats would resurrect the Board of Education to act as a check on the schools chancellor.

Bloomberg was outraged about not being told of the Air Force One photo op that scared New Yorkers yesterday morning.

“Why the Defense Department wanted to do a photo op right around the site of the World Trade Center catastrophe defies imagination,” Bloomberg said.

The White House apologized.

Joel Rivera’s well-financed challenger has dropped out of the race. [2nd item]

“It’s not about merit,” Smith said about the M.T.A. bailout plan.

Nicole Gelinas crunches pension numbers.

A Yorktown councilman won’t run for supervisor even though he had the backing of the local Republican party.

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine said there is a campaign spending cap he won’t exceed. “Of course there is. I'll run out of dough at some point."

And R.I.P. Portfolio. Morning Read: Bloomberg Angry at Air Force One, Seabook Helps His Sister, Quietly