Morning Read: Bloomberg Seeks Interns, U.F.T. Faces Backlash

Michael Bloomberg wants a plan for a four-percent budget cut from every city agency by noon Monday.

Al Sharpton wants to know if Anthony Weiner is running for mayor.

Forbes profiles Shaun Donovan and asks, “Can This Man Fix the Housing Market?”

Bloomberg’s campaign put ads for interns in newsletters sent to parents of public high school students. A campaign spokeswoman said it “is exactly the type of grassroots organizing that President Obama was celebrated for in the '08 campaign.”

David Seifman says it was “an act of unbridled arrogance” for the U.F.T. to give written questions to City Council members before a hearing about charter schools.

The union has given a total of $25,650 to the Council members who received the scripted questions.

“[A]ny belief that council members are puppets and not informed are as outrageous as those cards were," said Christine Quinn.

“Mike Gives 3rd Helping” is the headline in the New York Post; the article is about Bloomberg raising money for a Councilman who voted in favor of extending term limits.

Freshman Representative Michael McMahon is seeking $36.7 million in earmarks.

The Post editorial board wishes Paterson handled his budget the way Bloomberg did.

“This is not what we expected,” said Tom Frieden, after a study found New York City residents have "elevated levels of a nicotine byproduct."  ]

Former State Senator Efrain Gonzalez allegedly got $331,000 from the Spanish Broadcasting System.

Geraldine Chapey hasn’t paid some of her campaign workers.

A former aide to Andrew Spano cashed in on $83,000 in unpaid vacation after he got a job with Paterson.

One of the first things the new Andrew Hardwick administration did in Freeport was vote to raise salaries.

Development along the Gowanus Canal could be delayed if it’s declared a federal Superfund site.

The feds raided the Harlem office of the State Liquor Authority.

A Yonkers City Council woman wants public employees to pay for their own parking.

Eric Gioia can’t believe it was snowing.

A guy from Brooklyn endorsed Bill de Blasio, on Twitter.

Paterson wants an up-or-down vote on a same-sex marriage bill, even if it’s unlikely to pass.

“Same-sex marriage asks religious Americans to surrender a core belief,” writes Maggie Gallagher.

The “Obama White House has not been a profile in courage,” when it comes to standing up to the N.R.A., writes The New York Times editorial board.

“For the second time in four days and with less than three months in office, President Barack Obama has received the '3 a.m. phone call' that Clinton warned about,” writes the A.P.

And here’s Bill de Blasio, saying New York City is getting closer to becoming “an oligarchy” and that term limits would make for a “real, contested mayoral election.” Morning Read: Bloomberg Seeks Interns, U.F.T. Faces Backlash