Morning Read: Gillibrand on Guns, the Pension Middlemen

Kirsten Gillibrand defends her change of heart on guns, saying,"In my previous district, we didn't have gang violence, and we didn't have the gun violence that we have throughout New York"

Michael Bloomberg got the endorsement of another black church.

A friend of Bill's earned millions as a middleman for investors in the state pension fund.

A number of elected officials don't think think the middlemen should be allowed.

"Why would a smart guy invest in a movie named 'Chooch'?" asks the Wall Street Journal.

The mayor doesn't appear to be doing much to bring Republican senators around on an M.T.A. rescue package.

Supposedly, this is the day the legislature is really going start pushing for the rescue.

The Council will vote on whether or not to name a street after Sean Bell.

Arguing against Eric Gioia's proposal to ban fast-food restaurants from opening near schools, a lobbyist for the industry says that obese students just aren't exercising enough.

This makes two times Andrew Cuomo has destroyed the Liberal Party.

Eliot Spitzer will neither confirm nor deny that he's seen a therapist.

Tom Brokaw argues for consolidation of local government in a Times op-ed. Morning Read: Gillibrand on Guns, the Pension Middlemen