Morning Read: G.O.P. Gathers Without a Mayor Nominee, Cuomo’s Investigation Broadens

Last night, Newt Gingrich said Rudy Giuliani should run for governor. Giuliani made a tax-paying joke at Obama’s expense.

David Halbfinger writes, “New York Republicans may be all but powerless, but they still have their fuzzy memories,” and says that Michael Bloomberg was “notably absent” from the event.

Dan Janison also notes the mayor’s absence.

This guy wants to start working on the Bloomberg 2012 campaign.

Unnamed sources tell Fred Dicker and Brendan Scott that “Official B” in Andrew Cuomo’s investigation of Ray Harding is former state comptroller Alan Hevesi.

Danny Hakim says Andrew Cuomo’s investigation appears “to be moving closer” to Hevesi.

The scandal also involves the George Pataki administration.

Steve Malanga says the Harding scandal is a reminder of why New York should end fusion politics.

“The heavyset Harding had to be hoisted out of a black car before being led handcuffed,” writes the Daily News.

The New York Post editorial board raves about Cuomo’s investigation.

Charles Rangel spent $440,000 of campaign funds on his legal troubles.

Ray Kelly tells Cindy Adams, “Am I a good Catholic? I wouldn’t use that word ‘good.’ But I did go to Catholic school.”

The Daily News editorial board tells the N.Y.P.D. to make more room for police reporters.

Critics say the N.Y.P.D. moved reporters “to control the news.”

Tom Namako explains the new plan for bridge tolls.

Dick Ravitch created the compromise plan to overcome objections from wavering Democrats in the State Senate.

Hugh Carey will celebrate his birthday at the Harmonie Club.

Errol Louis is glad same-sex marriage legislation is being introduced in Albany.

The new archbishop in New York will work against the bill.

“It doesn’t make sense to bring it to a vote and have it fail,” said Democratic Suffolk County Legislator Jon Cooper.

Tom Brune is not impressed with fund-raising numbers from Steve Israel or Peter King.

The new archbishop will be an outspoken opponent of the governor’s push for same-sex marriage.

Ethan Geto, who is working for a major developer, says the Gowanus Canal should not be designated a federal Superfund site.

KT McFarland prepares to mix it up with Alan Colmes this afternoon.

The highest-paid workers in Yorktown cashed in on unused vacation time, sick days and other financial perks, but not overtime.

Candidates emerge for local races in Islip.

And in honor of George Pataki’s flash of humor last night, here’s a clip of his July 2002 cameo on the David Lerterman Show, doing the cape thing with Paul Shaffer. Morning Read: G.O.P. Gathers Without a Mayor Nominee, Cuomo’s Investigation Broadens