Morning Read: Ravitch Questions Bloomberg’s Educations Numbers, Seabrook Questions His Sanity

“I think he’s crazy,” union leader Norman Seabrook said of Michael Bloomberg, after the mayor threatened 7,000 layoffs.

But Bloomberg says its either that or serious pension restructuring.

Bill Thompson said at a forum in Queens that Bloomberg is “there to fight for a few in Manhattan, not those in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, or Staten Island, and not above 100th Street in Manhattan.”

Writing about the mayor’s Manhattan home, Michael Frazier wrote “No solar panels or rooftop wind turbines exist there.” Neither do they at exist at Bloomberg’s other homes.

Responding to Bloomberg’s often-stated assertion that graduation rates and test scores are up, Diane Ravitch writes on the New York Times op-ed page, “It sounds good, but in fact no independent source has verified such claims.”

A writer for the Examiner thinks Michael Bloomberg has been beating up on unions for quite some time.

After a press conference in Brooklyn, Bloomberg lunched at Morton’s Steakhouse but apparently ate no steak.

A Times profile of Ed Skyler says he once warned Bill Thompson he would get the “Gifford treatment.”

An aide to Bloomberg may run for Manhattan district attorney.

Creating nonpartisan elections would be “justification enough to forgive his transgression in overturning term limits without a referendum of the people,” writes Michael Schenkler.

Brooklyn Ron wonders if Bloomberg will raise money for Al Vann, like he raised money for James Sanders.

The mayor said he could avoid laying off 7,000 workers.

Bloomberg said he’s supportive of taxing soda, and said David Paterson “walked away” from a similar plan.

“I don’t think it makes any sense to throw any stones,” Bloomberg said on the radio when asked who was more impacted by the story of the UFT giving scripted questions to the City Council.

John Liu demands an apology from a Texas lawmaker who said something stupid about Asians.

Randi Weingarten and Eva Moskowitz continue fighting.

Fox news anchor Dick Brennan writes about going to cover the shooting in Binghamton.

Brian McLauhlin is reportedly cooperating with prosecutors.

Karen Koslowitz switched job titles in order to run for City Council.

Lou Tobacco wants to get rid of the toll on the Verrazano bridge.

Jim Molinaro is not happy with the city’s response to his request for information on the Brookfield landfill.

“You know, we keep hearing over and over again the votes aren't there. I'm not so sure,” said Tom Duane about same-sex marriage legislation.

“I'm embarrassed for New York State," said Alan Van Capelle, head of the Empire State Pride Agenda.

Hillary Clinton supporters are still trying to retire her campaign debt. Morning Read: Ravitch Questions Bloomberg’s Educations Numbers, Seabrook Questions His Sanity