Morning Read, Upstate: M.T.A., Property Taxes, Pataki Part Deux

David Paterson isn't wild about a $1 taxi surcharge.

State Senate leaders support any M.T.A. bailout that can pass, regardless of the merits.

Bill Hammond says Smith's M.T.A. plan is the "latest in a series of rotten eggs."

"We are open to amendments," one key senator said of the bill.

Policy makers in that chamber have drafted a report that recommends resurrecting the New York City Board of Education, or something like it.

To curb rising property taxes, David Paterson is trying to enforce a "pay-as-you-go" system.

Buffalo Pundit said it's a "baby step."

Assemblyman Jim Tedisco defended his use of campaign committee funds to pay legal bills of a top aide.

Attorneys for him and Democrat Scott Murphy withdrew their objections to some 500 contested ballots in Tedisco's failed Congressional bid.

Scott Murphy is hitting a diner, one last time.

A Paterson proposal would protect domestic violence victims from discrimination.

The battle over gun-control laws will flare up again.

Nine bills on the subject matter will be considered this week.

The Capitol explores the resurrection of George Pataki.

And below, David Paterson reassures New Yorkers about swine flu: Morning Read, Upstate: M.T.A., Property Taxes, Pataki Part Deux