Morning Read, Upstate: The 20th Recount, The Return of a Gay Marriage Bill

Layoffs of 8,700 state employees are set to begin in July.

That excludes non-unionized managers, who acquiesced to concessions.

Union bosses say this will put lives at risk.

David Paterson said he will reintroduce a bill to legalize same-sex marriage.

Gay-rights advocates say that New York must legalize same-sex marriage now, or people will go across state lines.

Paterson also announced $305 million of highway projects in the Southern Tier. He also defended proposed changes to the Empire Zones program.

Dr. Richard Daines Now Dr. Thomas Frieden wants to tax sugar.

Inspector General Joseph Fisch raided the Liquor Authorities Harlem office, alleging bribery schemes.

The State Police will start testing gun cameras.

Charter schools will take an aid cut.

Former state senator Efrain Gonzalez personally profited from lobbying efforts, prosecutors allege.

Republicans say they're getting shafted in member-item funding.

The recount in the race between Scott Murphy and Assemblyman Jim Tedisco is "election purgatory."

Murphy gained votes in Dutchess County.

Democrats issued an "urgent distress call" over the Columbia County recount.

In Saratoga County, the count could take up to two weeks.

Rod Watson thinks Rick Wagoner should run the State Senate's new Buffalo office.

Some horses were found badly neglected at a Greene County farm.

A report finds prescription drug prices vary widely by pharmacy, and the state isn't enforcing a law requiring them to post a comparison website.

The Elmira Star-Gazette says Kirsten Gillibrand should flex muscle – in both Washington and Albany – for upstate economic development.

The Watertown Daily Times notes that increased income taxes will disproportionately affect downstate residents.

And below, video of Representative Dan Maffei on the Colbert Report:

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Morning Read, Upstate: The 20th Recount, The Return of a Gay Marriage Bill