Spitzer: ‘I Would Desperately Love to Be Back as Governor’

POUGHKEEPSIE—In case you can't get enough of Eliot Spitzer, the subject of this week's Newsweek cover story, you can listen to a live interview with him here.

Spitzer spoke to the syndicated weekly radio show Newsweek On Air, telling hosts David Alpern and Isaac Davy-Aronson that the financial services sector came to "overwhelm" the rest of the economy in recent years, and that he'd love to make some contribution to a necessary economic restructuring.

"I would desperately love to be back as governor," Spitzer said. "It's a position I sought and ran for because I wanted to contribute, and I hope all 50 of the governors who are all in place, difficult as the job is, relish their opportunity to contribute."

Spitzer said he plans to make his contribution "primarily through writing, which is a fairly innocuous" and when asked if he wants to run again for office, "I really don't think about things like that. I really think these days about trying to do my job well."

And the possibility of redemption?

"We are, and people individually, are remarkably forgiving," Spitzer said. "And we believe in giving people a shot at expressing their sense that they've erred, they've sinned and they've made mistakes—as I have, and I've said that repeatedly—and then letting folks go on in life." Spitzer: ‘I Would Desperately Love to Be Back as Governor’