Tedisco May Concede Today

ALBANY—As overall vote tallies repeatedly skew toward Scott Murphy, the pressure is mounting on Assemblyman Jim Tedisco to concede defeat in the 20th Congressional District election, and people close to him say an official announcement could come as soon as this afternoon.

"It looks slim," said Saratoga County Republican Chair Jasper Nolan, in an interview yesterday, of Tedisco's chances of victory.

Tedisco's inner circle, with consultation from state and national party officials, met late yesterday and deliberations continued into the morning. An announcement this afternoon—the preferred hour for politicians to announce bad news—would give the concession the least exposure. (Tedisco announced he would step down as minority leader on a Friday, too.)

This will be the first election Tedisco has lost in his 30-year career as an elected official. He seemed morose this week, sitting as a rank-and-file member in the smallest legislative conference in Albany, his platform as minority leader gone.

It's unclear what Tedisco's political future will hold.

He could remain in his Assembly seat. He could start prepping for another run for Congress in 2010, hoping that lessons learned and changing Democratic fortunes might improve his chances. There is also talk that Tedisco would be the Republican candidate for the State Senate seat currently occupied by Hugh Farley; Farley is one of that chamber's oldest members, and while he has denied plans to retire, politicking for his seat has already begun.

The concession would cap a roller-coaster ride for Scott Murphy, who seems to have squeaked into office against the odds, and on his first try. Tedisco May Concede Today