The Public Needs To Know

I referenced a web site called in a couple of columns. The motto of the site is “It is

I referenced a web site called in a couple of columns. The motto of the site is “It is not money that moves the political machinery; it is the fear of public embarrassment.”

Well, that certainly seems to be what gets people’s attention at least. If you haven’t visited the site, I recommend you do and you may be interested in participating with the web builders and owners in their mission which is to let the public know about waste, abuse and stupid government actions that lead to the misuse of tax payer dollars.” They further go on to say that they “welcome any information from anyone who has examples of government silliness, abuse of office or just plain stupidity which wastes taxpayer money.

The web master is a gentleman by the name of Steve Sredinski who, in my humble opinion is not only a design master, but a hardware and research genius.

This is the site that contains all of the documentation on Chris Christie's Closet. So, if you haven't seen the backup and supporting material of my last column, go there and click on that tab. You will see all you need to know. And for those who keep accusimg me of "lying", well, then you have to take that complaint to the NY Times, Star Ledger and others as well.

If you take a look at one of the other tabs called Ewing Computer Caper, you will see a story about hard drives that were removed from 5 year old police computers that were sold at auction. They were originally purchased for spare parts and when it came time to pull the drives, after 5 years, Steve was asked to see if he could pull any information from them.

Well, 5 year old drives that had been in a non-climate controlled environment would seem to be virtually useless. However, there was great surprise when he did his magic and recovered hundreds of police files, witness testimonies, interviews with juveniles without guardians, stakeout reports and most appalling over 17,000 hits to various internet pornographic sites.

Mind you, this was all done on taxpayer time, with taxpayer computers by taxpayer paid employees of the POLICE department. The information was taken to the then mayor who did nothing. A new mayor took office and it was brought to his attention; again nothing.

So, given the fact that no one in any position would do anything except ignore this, Steve Sredinski created a web site and posted all the information that was on the computers. Needless to say, it caused quite an up roar, so much so that in one 6 hour period, over 5,000 people went to the site. Even after the site was taken down, another 3,000 people tried to view it.

Clearly, it got someone’s attention because the owners of the site were sued by the PBA. The details are not important except to say that the owners were only too happy to go to court and expose to the court and the press what they would not post on line. Eventually, the suit was withdrawn because, all it would have done, was more damage. The PBA wanted legal fees. They didn’t get them.

So, was born. I have been using that site as a conduit to publish access to information that is simply too voluminous to post on or which I thought would be taking advantage of the space provided.

Give the site a look see. The documentation on my last column regarding Chris Christie’s closet is all contained there as will be documentation for upcoming expose’ pieces on our would be governor.Why, because “The Public Needs To Know”.

If you have any information that you think the owners or editors of would be interested in, send it to them. My guess is, if it is viable, you will get a reply. But read their home page so you understand that what they are about is doing the right thing and helping people, not personal vendettas. The Public Needs To Know