Weekend in Review: A Draw in the 20th, Republicans on Minarik

Although it isn't clear who has won the congressional race in the 20th, it's close enough that it probably doesn't symbolize much about the political mood of the nation.

If it comes to an absolute tie, David Paterson can call a new special election, or just let Jim Tedisco and Scott Murphy compete again in the general election; this second option is known as a "failure to elect."

Former state Republican Party chair Steve Minarik died suddenly.

Here are reactions from state Republicans.

Michael Bloomberg is very, very optimistic about the number of jobs the city will have in the near future, say a number of people who also have estimates. Also, "Even if Mr. Bloomberg is re-elected, he would be out of office before his promise could be tested."

The City Council, in addition to city agencies, has been asked to cut its budget by four percent.

Numerous companies that the city won't do business with, sometimes because of ties to organized crime, did work on the new baseball stadiums.

Bob Kerrey is not the least bit apologetic about what happened at The New School.

The Post looks at the complicated web of relationships in the city Finance Department.

From the Times: “The most dangerous places on Staten Island are the schools at drop-off and dismissal time, when parents are parked three deep in the road,” says James S. Oddo, a City Council member from Staten Island who voted for the measure. “There is a mentality here that Johnny can’t walk 100 feet, he has to be dropped off right at the front of the school — and frankly that’s why Johnny is as pudgy as he is.

The Cobble Hill Association strongly encourages readers to write the mayor's office on behalf of Dan Squadron's plan for Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The New York Times editorial board strongly encourages Paterson's to push same-sex marriage legislation to the Senate floor.

David Seifman is concerned that Marcia Bystryn, a member of the water board, can't be objective about Bloomberg's rate-increase request because she's going to attend a fund-raiser for the League of Conservation Voters shortly after.

The Vatican does not want Caroline Kennedy as an ambassador, reportedly.

Bill Thompson twitters Happy Easter.

Lil' Kim is not making a bid to be the mayor of Hoboken.

H.U.D.'s Dollar Homes project has benefited many people, but not the ones that were supposed to benefit, according to the L.A. Times.

Clive Crook, strongly critical of the U.S. approach to drugs, writes, "when one is grateful that most law-breakers go undetected, there is something wrong with the law."

In his post-presidency, George W. Bush does not like to use the "L word."

Obama is releasing records from the Reagan White House.

This is true: the State Department released a report that alleges the Cuban government poisoned the pets of diplomats.
  Weekend in Review: A Draw in the 20th, Republicans on Minarik