Yassky Tries to Put a Narrative to Bed

City Council candidate David Yassky officially announced the endorsement of Rev. A.R. Bernard of Brooklyn, which should help dispel the notion that he still faces implacable resentment among African-Americans for running in 2006 for a congressional seat in a majority-minority district once held by Shirley Chisholm.

Bernard also endorsed Michael Blooomberg for mayor, giving Yassky, in case he needed it, another close link to City Hall.

In an interview with Dana Rubinstein, Yassky spoke about the backlash to his congressional race:

“I knew for sure that there would be people who would say it’s not the right thing to do to run as a non–African-American in a district where the majority of voters are African-American,” Mr. Yassky said. “I think that people are deeper than that and that the voters in the 11th Congressional District could easily feel I could represent them more effectively than anybody else running and that if they felt that way, I would want to give them the choice to vote for me.” Yassky Tries to Put a Narrative to Bed