Alexander Belopolsky, Billionaire Jim Simons’ Old Foe, Gets $5 M. Condo

Jim Simons is not the kind of man whose wrath one wants to incur. The MIT-trained mathematics wiz worked on code-breaking for the Department of Defense during Vietnam before founding his hedge fund Renaissance Technologies (which has suffered a bit lately, though his entry on this year’s Forbes billionaires list begins with “What recession?”).

In December 2003, Alexander Belopolsky was one of two former employees, both Russian physicists, sued by Renaissance after leaving for billionaire Israel Englander’s hedge fund. The suit claimed that they would use proprietary information from Renaissance at their new jobs, which could produce “hundreds of millions of dollars within just a few years.” After four years, Mr. Englander’s firm decided to settle, paying Renaissance $20 million and agreeing to fire Mr. Belopolsky and his colleague.

But Mr. Belopolsky will be O.K.: According to city records, he and his wife have paid $5,026,000 for a nine-room, four-bedroom, 3,655-square-foot apartment at the new and massively green Visionaire condominium in Battery Park. It’s the kind of building where the apartments come with sustainably harvested hardwood floors, eco-friendly paints, filtered tap water and “highly-filtered air” that’s heated and humidified during the cold months and dehumidified during the summertime. Alexander Belopolsky, Billionaire Jim Simons’ Old Foe, Gets $5 M. Condo