‘Barb and Don’ Speak for Same-Sex Marriage

Hours after the Assembly passed (for the second time) a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, the Empire State Pride Agenda released this web video, which they said will also appear on television.

The ad features a straight couple talking about their gay daughter who wants to get married.

The move to make a straight couple the face of the same-sex marriage fight is a controversial strategy that has been debated among advocates for some time (most recently in the light of the passage of an anti-same-sex marriage proposition in California).

It’s part of the larger debate among advocates about how confrontational they should get with Democrats who are not publicly supportive of their effort, which Alan Van Capelle and Jeff Campagna debated a few months ago.

UPDATE: Capelle called to say the ad is going to start appearing in Syracuse, Buffalo and Albany areas but later go statewide. He also said they’ve gotten just this morning a $25,000 pledge to match contributions dollar-for-dollar, plus a $10,000 contribution. He did not specify how much money was spent on this most recent ad buy.

When asked about featuring a straight couple in the ad, Capelle said the decision was based on “conversations we were having with legislators” and them saying they were swayed after having “been visited by parents of adult gay and lesbian children in loving and committed relations who wanted to marry.”

“Those are the stories that have really moved legislators, and they’re compelling,” Capelle said.

Today’s ad spotlighted a gay couple, he said. “Don and Barb” spent “a majority of their time in the commercial talking about their lesbian daughter,” Capelle said. He added, “We are not going to hide our families or our stories, because we think they’re compelling.”

‘Barb and Don’ Speak for Same-Sex Marriage