Bloomberg Offers Non-Partisan Praise at an Environmental Event

Michael Bloomberg zig-zagged over political lines last night, lauding a Republican and a Democrat during his speech at the New York League of Conservation Voters at Chelsea Piers, and then praising his hosts for being non-partisan.

Bloomberg praised Republican George Pataki, who is being talked about as a possible U.S. Senate candidate next year, and Democrat Jim Gennaro, who is likely to run for State Senate again.

Speaking from the podium, Bloomberg said, “It’s just a privilege to be here tonight with somebody who really has never gotten as much recognition as I think he deserves for his environmental work, and that’s our former governor, George Pataki.”

And, in a line I can easily imagine in a future campaign ad, Bloomberg said, “You’ve changed the state, you’ve changed America, and we will all live longer, healthier lives because of you.”

Later, Bloomberg shared credit for the city’s plan to shrink carbon footprint of existing buildings, saying, “Jim Gennaro’s here. Councilman Gennaro has been, I can’t tell you how much help he has been on this and I just want to say ‘thank you’ publicly for everything you have done.”

Directly addressing the NYLCV, Bloomberg said,
“You’ve helped Republicans. You’ve helped Democrats. You’ve helped independents. Believe me, I know. I’ve been all three.”

The crowd, which greeted Bloomberg’s entrance with a standing ovation, laughed. Bloomberg Offers Non-Partisan Praise at an Environmental Event