Bronx Democrats Endorse Katz, de Blasio and Thompson, Defend the Choice on Facebook

The Bronx Democratic County organization waded into two of the city’s most contested primary races this weekend, announcing their backing of Melinda Katz for comptroller and Bill de Blasio for public advocate. They also announced they’re endorsing Bill Thompson for mayor.

For the Bronx Democratic county leader, Carl Heastie, this is his first foray into the 2009 races. On Facebook, Heastie has been fending off some criticism of the endorsements—the comments are coming, somewhat randomly, from an aide to a Council candidate running in Queens, Robert Giuffre.

Giuffre wrote on Heastie’s Facebook page, “There was never an official candidate forum (that i know of, at least), or an official vote among elected officials and district leaders (again, that I knew of at least). So, I am very confused as to how the endorsement process actually took place. I am confident that if a well publicized candidate forum happened, the official endorsements would have went to John Liu and Eric Gioia."

Heastie, writing on Facebook, said, “We didn't have a formal vote because our rules don't call for that. I have formed a committee to come up with a voting process.”

Of Giuffre, Heastie says: “you talk about what you have no knowledge of.”

Heastie later writes that Katz and de Blasio had overwhelming support from Bronx Democratic district leaders, and challenges Giuffre to bring forward anyone who will actually criticize the endorsement.

“I challenge you to call district leaders who are working with the party to see if they are included in the decision making. call my bluff.”

Bronx Democrats Endorse Katz, de Blasio and Thompson, Defend the Choice on Facebook