Choi Team uses street satire to attack Ricigliano

EDISON – Mayor Jun Choi vowed to run on idealism, and yet outside Edison High School his volunteers approach students with the enticement, “Do you want a free sandwich?”

It proves no great contradiction on closer inspection as these Choi backers hastily slap bologna and mayonnaise between slices of otherwise unadorned white bread and hand them out more for theatrical effect than outright pandering to human gluttony. Others wave signs denouncing Councilwoman Toni Ricigliano, Choi’s opponent in the June 2nd Democratic Primary.

“Toni the Phoni’s House of Boloni… You can get any sandwich you like as long as it’s full of boloni… Just like Toni the Phoni.”

Volunteers urge students to tell their parents to vote for Choi, who’s running for his second term as mayor.

“Edison has a long tradition of satire in politics,” explains Choi campaign spokesman Mike Barfield, who says the fundamental point is Ricigliano won’t fess up to the multifamily public jobs staked on the candidacies of Ricigliano and her running mates, Richard Diehl and Charles Tomaro.

When Ricigliano hears about the sandwich stand she grabs some fliers and says she’s heading immediately to the high school to make her own case to the voters’ children.

“This is simply part of Jun Choi’s childish games,” she says. “That’s why we need an adult in office. We’ve got to get the kidout and put in an adult.”

Choi Team uses street satire to attack Ricigliano