Chris Christie Named In Federal Tort Claim Lawsuit!

Chris Christie has been hit with a federal tort claims law suit notice.

According to the Federal Tort Claim Notice, Christie utilized his office as a collection agency for his relatives and extorted money from the claimant for the benefit of his family in violation of the Hobbs Act”.

While I am not an expert, having read the contents of the Federal Tort Claim Notice and having had communications with both the claimant and his wife, this needs some serious scrutiny.

In all fairness, it is only one side of the story. However, if these accusations are sustainable, Chris Christie has a serious political problem that will not be so easily dismissed.He is a private citizen and susceptible to this action and has no government protection to hide behind.

The complaint goes on to say; As a result of the actions of Christie and his designees, whose identities are unknown at this time, the claimant’s livelihood has been threatened. In aggregate the claimant asserts claims of $50,000,000.00.”

The claimant in this action was the subject of a federal investigation. This investigation was eventually closed by the government in the year 2000 when the US Attorney’s office, under Assistant US Attorney Michael Guadagno, declined to prosecute.

Inexplicably, after Chris Christie was appointed to the same position in 2002, an IRS investigation was initiated against the Claimant on the same case which the US Justice Department and the former US Attorney had declined to prosecute. So, why did one US Attorney close a case and decline to prosecute and another decide to re-open the exact same case that was closed out of the same office?

Christie’s motives for pressing on with the IRS investigation are brought into question in the Tort Claim Notice. The papers filed in Washington include a letter from a third party who states that he believed that Christie’s motives for abusing his authority arose out of civil litigation when Christie was in private practice.

Claimant was the court appointed overseer in the liquidation of a firm called Printon Kane. One of the principals, Joseph Manello, was represented in the liquidation action by Chris Christie. Manello was unhappy with the settlement and as time went on, he became moredisenchantedwith Christie’s representation.

Subsequently, Manello was a major investor in a company calledMendham Capital and Mary Pat Christie, the wife of Chris Christie, was a partner in that firm. In 1997, Manello forced Christie’s wife out of her partnership position.

In 1998, Mendham Capital was sold to the Bank of New Yorkfor a substantial amount of money, but because Christie’s wife was no longer a partner in Mendham Capital, she did not share in the proceeds of the sale.

There is no explanation as to why Manello forced her out, only speculation.This is only part of the story. To read the whole story click here: You will find all the documention you need at the end of the full story.

Chris Christie Named In Federal Tort Claim Lawsuit!