DiNapoli on the ‘Buy Time’ Budget

ALBANY—Comptroller Tom DiNapoli just released a report that is highly critical of David Paterson's $131 billion budget, which was enacted earlier this year.

The press release called it a "buy-time" spending plan, saying that "the budget includes billions in spending we can't sustain in future years. Instead of using at least some of the discretionary federal stimulus funds for economic development and budget restructuring, the stimulus funds and other temporary resources were used as a short-term fix."

This sentiment has been expressed by Republicans before, but DiNapoli is the first prominent Democrat to do so in such a public way.

His office has recently been under pressure because of Andrew Cuomo's ongoing investigation into middlemen involved in investments with the state pension fund.

DiNapoli, who was appointed after former comptroller Alan Hevesi resigned, is facing his first election as comptroller in 2010. He recently made a number of high-profile hires

Here's the full report on the enacted budget—including several proposed reforms—DiNapoli's office just released.

Paterson budget aides have said that the overall budget figure is misleading, and that state spending was held to a minimum.

DiNapoli on the ‘Buy Time’ Budget