Dinkins Endorses Thompson, Wishes Bloomberg ‘Were a Democrat’

Former mayor David Dinkins endorsed Bill Thompson at a rally on the City Hall steps just now, but offered few–if any–reasons why voters should not choose Michael Bloomberg, and referred to the mayor as a “friend” more than once.

Dinkins was asked what “shortcomings” Bloomberg had that led to today’s endorsement.

“Gee, I wish he were a Democrat,” said Dinkins. Thompson, standing next to Dinkins, laughed and applauded. When asked to elaborate, Dinkins said, “I think it is important that we Democrats stick together.”

When asked whether it was appropriate for Bloomberg to spend so much more money than any of his opponents, Dinkins refused to criticize Bloomberg, saying, “That’s his call.”

Another reporter asked if the race is a “fair fight.”

“You’re suggestion that there ought to be a fair fight is amusing,” Dinkins said. “Nobody seeking office is going to construct his campaign in the interest of the opposition. So, I don’t have any comment to make on that one way or the other. I’ll leave it to other surrogates and to the candidate to address that.”

Dinkins Endorses Thompson,  Wishes Bloomberg ‘Were a Democrat’