Elsewhere: Bloomberg’s New Hire, Considering Golisano

Anthony Como, who Michael Bloomberg just awarded a high-paying job in the housing department, has previously run afoul of the Buildings Department while trying to build his own house.

In addition to most of the local campaign talent, Bloomberg is getting the prominent Democratic fund-raisers.

The Board of Elections Campaign Finance Board issued a fine of about $70,000 to Scott Stringer. It also denied Eric Gioia's petition about carbon offsets and campaign money.

Apparently the M.T.A. is going back into the lottery business.

The Economist seems to think our very own Shaun Donovan will bring lots of new ideas to H.U.D.

The Buffalo Bean finds more even more irony in what Tom Golisano is doing.

Over at Monroe Rising, a blogger is suggesting a new tax law, requiring a supermajority to pass any taxes hikes, and suggesting it be named "Tom's Law."

Another political type has fled New York (specifically Long Island) for the easy living in North Carolina.

Someone is selling tea bags that briefly touched Tom Suozzi's shoulders on eBay. Elsewhere: Bloomberg’s New Hire, Considering Golisano