Elsewhere: Endorsements

Richard Aborn was endorsed by the W.F.P., a number of clubs, an Assembly member, and a union.

The state did something on time–allocate stimulus money for highways. Which means the New York could profit off states that are late!

Neysa Pranger at the R.P.A. has great confidence in Helena Williams, the new interim head of the M.T.A.

Kirsten Gillibrand was endorsed by Carl McCall and quite a few Assembly members.

A coalition of planners, environmentalists,state agencies, community organizations and other will testify at a hearing tomorrow on Atlantic Yards. Those not invited can comment via email.

The E.D.C. begins emminent domain proceedings for Willets Point next month.

Albany Republicans are making lots of noise part of the Rockefeller Drug Law reforms.

The Observer has a slide show of the plan for the West Side Rail Yards, which will be, at the earliest, completed

Two polls show that for the most part, American approve of Obama nominating Sonia Sotomayor.

Roxana Saberi tells N.P.R. about her imprisonment in Iran.

Elsewhere: Endorsements