Elsewhere: Flake Backs Bloomberg, Caldera Resigns Over Flyover

Rev. Floyd Flake, one of the most influential black ministers in the city, endorsed Michael Bloomberg. So did Representative Barbara Clark, the leader of the state Black, Puerto Rican and Latino caucus.

Louis Caldera, head of the White House Military Office, has taken the fall for the downtown flyover.

Peter Drago, an operative who worked for Mario Cuomo, Sheldon Silver, Eliot Spitzer, David Paterson, and others in the Capitol, died today.

Sheldon Silver does not completely oppose mayoral control of schools, but he supports modifications.

There's some "pushback" on the idea that Marc Shaw should go back to the M.T.A., mainly because he was instrumental in getting it into this mess. 

Greg Ball's exploratory committee says it filed with the F.E.C., but the filings can't be found.

Anthony Weiner is inviting Barack Obama to New York.

Two natural gas companies, one that operates partly out of Oswego, have been fined for illegal dumping by the State of Pennsylvania.

The Rochester transit authority says it can take the land it wants for RenSquare, but would prefer to be given it.

In a survey of road quality of the 50 states, New York ranked 46th. New Jersey was 50th.

Adam Nagourney has a very colorful piece about Terry McAulife's frenetic campaign for governor.

Elsewhere: Flake Backs Bloomberg, Caldera Resigns Over Flyover