Elsewhere: Jokes, Departures, Skallerthon

Above, Michael Bloomberg makes a political-party joke at the NYCLV fund-raiser last night.

Christine Quinn is standing up to Michael Bloomberg on the plastic bag fee.

More Republicans leave.

Streetsblog brings up Sonia Sotomayor's position on eminent domain.

Council candidate Josh Skaller is having an all day event called…Skallerthon.

Tom Suozzi, Jeff Klein and Eliot Engel will be at a fund-raiser for a Rockland county executive candidate.

The Sotomayor nomination is still popular.

The Democrat & Chronicle editorial board thinks David Paterson may be making a comeback.

Patricia Lynch hired Sheldon Silver's recently departed deputy chief of staff.

Rick Karlin on the DiNapoli announcement: "This wasn't unexpected."

New York press eminence Gabe Pressman has advice for the mayor.

Tom Robbins proposes a new award. Elsewhere: Jokes, Departures, Skallerthon