Elsewhere: Paterson’s Shock, the Odds on Gay Marriage

David Paterson is "surprised and shocked" that the people from the Commission on Public Integrity that he asked to resign are not resigning.

Capitol Confidential is trying to name the scandal, which is hard, but maybe Integritygate will catch on.

Nate Silver looks at same-sex marriage in the State Senate, and gives the bill odds of "one in three."

Tom Golisano is changing his residency to Florida because the taxes here are too high, he announced during a speech. Steve Pigeon spoke to reporters afterward.

Scott Murphy earned praise from a conservative blogger for voting for the Flake Resolution, which would open ethics investigations into three House members. (It didn't pass.)

According to Sam Stein, Sonia Sotomayor's diabetes' "Sparks Wider Debate," but it appears the only person actually sparking debate about it so far is Stein.

Jim Tedisco received nothing in member items.

Political IV praises John McHugh after Roll Call called him "a serious voice on defense and budgetary affairs."

Elsewhere: Paterson’s Shock, the Odds on Gay Marriage