Elsewhere: Schumer’s Birds, Gowanus Fliers

"Something had to be done," Michael Bloomberg said of the M.T.A. plan.

David Yassky thinks the Williamsburg-Greenpoint rezoning has done more good than bad.

The P.B.A. is not opposed to endorsing Bloomberg.

Laying the groundwork for a possible run for statewide office, Tom Suozzi performed "Born to Be Wild" in a tie.

Chuck Schumer is planning to make it mandatory to report a bird flying into a plane.

The arrest of a Nassau County legislator could lead to partisan deadlock.

Here's a flier community groups in Gowanus are posting to inform residents of the Superfund issues.

 A question from Capitol Confidential: between the Yankees and Richard Brodsky, who's the bigger bully?

Maureen Dowd does not really approve of the behavior of either Edwards.

Gay marriage is legal in Maine. Elsewhere: Schumer’s Birds, Gowanus Fliers