Elsewhere: The Next Ethics Commission, Maloney’s Plans

The main problem with David Paterson's new ethics committee is that he will need Sheldon Silver and Malcolm Smith to join him, writes Liz, and neither of them have asked their nominees to step down from the original ethics committee.

Of Tom Golisano's defection to Florida, Paterson said, "[W]e upset a number of other people who probably can’t afford to leave the state right now.”

Carolyn Maloney says plans for the future are not affected by Steve Israel.

Cincinnatus notes that Assemblywoman Susan John's largest member item went to Manhattan.

A conservative rabbi from Brooklyn joined Ruben Diaz Sr. at the anti-same-sex-marriage rally.

At the pro-same-sex-marriage rally, an actress from the show Ugly Betty says, “Mr. Diaz, You are behind the times, Papi.”

Michael Bloomberg defended his handling of the swine flu outbreak.

The state doesn't really have a way to track sick kids.

Several elected officials in the Bronx endorsed Bill Thompson yesterday.

Toxic chemicals at the Flushing Airport site may or may not be handled appropriately.

Dan Squadron and Joan Millman have a plan for residential parking permits, which David Yassky has wanted for a long time.

Previously, plans have charged fees only to cover the cost of the program, but this one is being suggested as a way to raise money for the M.T.A.

Eliot Spitzer has ideas about how to facilitate public representation in the New York Fed.
Marc Ambinder annotates the post-meeting comments of Netanyahu and Obama.
The pool report said that their "body language was good."

Caroline Kennedy is happy Matt Lauer asked about that Senate thing.

Dan Janison calls Howard Wolfson’s explanation of his old Times Op-Ed “hilarious verbal gymnastics.”

What will become of the placement agents after Andrew Cuomo gets through?

And above, Joel Klein defends mayoral control in an interview with Education Week.

Elsewhere: The Next Ethics Commission, Maloney’s Plans