Elsewhere: W.F.P. Endorsements, a Split on Cuomo’s Bill

The N.Y.P.D. transportation chief is leaving today, and there's not much indication of who will replace him.

Another video from same-sex marriage advocates: Brandon and his mom visit the office of State Senator George Onorato in Queens.

Three suburban senators, all Democrats, refused to back Andrew Cuomo's government consolidation law.

Joe Bruno is on the air.

The Working Families Party will consider the recommendations from its screening committee tonight on who to endorse. Those candidates include Richard Aborn for D.A., Danny Dromm for Helen Sears' City Council seat, and Steve Levin for the Council seat David Yassky is vacating.

Alex Pareene detects snobbery in some of the coverage of Sonia Sotomayor.
Bob Menendez quotes Rush Limbaugh on Sonia Sotomayor in a fund-raising appeal.

Hillary is not taking this from North Korea!

But she is having dinner with Mahmoud Abbas.

In what is becoming somewhat of a pattern, the legislature will probably extend an energy subsidy bill, but will not come up with a long term solution.

A poll shows lots of people thinking about leaving New York right now, which may or may not be the case at all times.

Bill Thompson: whatever, I would have run anyway.

Ari Fleisher is turning up at a fund-raiser for a candidate for Westchester district attorney.

Arlen Specter will have the good fortune to appear with Barack Obama at a fund-raiser in Los Angeles.

And, in media news, Tom McGeveran is interim editor of the Observer.

Elsewhere: W.F.P. Endorsements, a Split on Cuomo’s Bill