For LG, Lonegan favors a private sector profile

The campaign ad of a ramrod Assemblyman Mike Doherty (R-Washington Twp.) happily ingesting the oratory of former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan at the minimum suggests he would be a short list candidate for lieutenant governor in a Lonegan administration.

Not likely, said Lonegan. Right cred, wrong timing.

“Mike’s going to be in the Senate,” Lonegan told, referring to what he hopes will be Doherty’s successful anti-establishment efforts in the 23rd District Republican Primary, where he is challenging state Sen. Marcia Karrow (R-Raritan Twp.).

Lonegan stops short of presenting names when asked to compile an LG short list.

“We’re really focused on this campaign,” he said. “I would consider the most competent person; I would consider a woman, certainly, someone who will share conservative values and who would be able to take over in the case of my unlikely demise in office. I do think it’s essentially an unnecessary position anyway, created out of a kneejerk reaction to the situation with Codey after McGreevey. I would have to run with someone, but I would want to minimize the risk of that office exploding into a bureaucracy.”

He joked that he might be able to find his lieutenant governor a desk outside his office where that person could help open the governor’s mail.

Ideally, and in an effort to ensure the engagement of the lieutenant governor in useful activity, Lonegan said he would select a business or manufacturing person from outside the realm of government – “someone who knows and who could represent business.”

“I would want someone who is prepared, someone who understands and communicate the economic policies we are implementing – someone with a strong background in math and science by the way,” he added, in a dig at primary opponent Chris Christie, who admits that as a lawyer math and science are not his strongest subjects.

For LG, Lonegan favors a private sector profile