Gilchrist Gives Non-Answer to Question About His Future

ALBANY—On a conference call with reporters this morning, state infrastructure czar Tim Gilchrist was asked by the Post's Brendan Scott what he might do once his temporary gig as head of the "Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Cabinet" is over. (His real title is "senior adviser for infrastructure and transportation.")

Scott said that there has been speculation among political types that Gilchrist might ascend to director of state operations. That post is currently held by Dennis Whalen, but there has also been speculation that Whalen may step down this summer.

"Has there? I've got to hang out in the halls of the Capitol more often. I've got to get this money spent, guys," Gilchrist said. Scott asked if that meant he would stay until all money was spent.

"One thing—I want to diverge for a second—is that if everybody hasn't signed up and looked is…" Gilchrist began. He then talked for two minutes about what the Paterson administration is doing to get discretionary federal money, noting that "today was an important milestone for us" because the state has obligated $392 million of highway funding ahead of a federally mandated deadline. He finally concluded: "So that's my way of not answering your question, Brendan."

Scott was not given a chance to follow up.

Gilchrist Gives Non-Answer to Question About His Future