Gillibrand’s Plan for Green Jobs

One piece of news that came out of the New York League of Conservation Voters gala last night was an announcement by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand that she’s launching a $20 million program to create green jobs around the country, called the Clean Tech Competition Bill.

Gillibrand, who was appointed in January, has recently been making an effort to distinguish herself legislatively, despite having basically no seniority in the Senate.

She told the crowd last night, “I will be launching a new legislative effort to accelerate the development of technologies and early stage companies that can address climate change and improve energy security in the United States.”

She went on to say, "This legislation would authorize $20 million for a new D.O.E. program, specifically designed to accelerate the development of clean technology companies and the creation of green jobs through these companies and throughout the US.” Gillibrand’s Plan for Green Jobs