Healy re-elected Mayor of Jersey City

Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy appears headed toward winning reelection without needing to go through a runoff.

As of right now, the Hudson County Clerk’s Web site puts Healy just shy of 53% — three points more than he needs to win a first ballot victory. His closest rival, Lou Manzo, appears to have lost his fifth mayoral campaign with just over 26% of the vote.

Assemblyman Harvey Smith got about 13%, while good government activist Dan Levin earned somewhere north of 5% of the vote and police detective Phil Webb won a little over 2%.

Most of Healy’s running mates for council appear to be doing well, too. Mariano Vega, Peter Brennan, Willie Flood, Michael Sottolano, Phil Kenny, Nidia Lopez and Bill Gaughan all appear headed toward victory, though two will have to compete in a runoff.

In Ward E, independent Steven Fulop appears to have easily won reelection. Healy’s candidate, Guy Catrillo, got about 23% of the vote to Fulop’s 63%.

Healy re-elected Mayor of Jersey City