Gossip Girl Ends the Season with a Bang

To say that this year’s batch of season finales was disappointing would be an understatement. To wit: the not-really-a-comeback “comeback” season of 24 actually ended with (SPOILER ALERT!) Jack Bauer getting put into a medically induced coma… and that was it! Yet despite being completely horrendous, 24 ranked squarely in the middle on the season finale scale (let’s just say that you should be thankful you don’t watch Desperate Housewives). So, maybe it was because our expectations have been dulled like an old kitchen knife, but … how freaking amazing was the final episode of Gossip Girl!? Oh sure, there have been some strange dips this season—Chuck Bass reenacting the plot of Eyes Wide Shut being chief among them—but the finale put a perfect bow on two years of the show, and, while maybe not as “game changing” as Lost or Chuck, established the new shape the series will take this fall. Here are three questions we want to see answered come September.

Can Michelle Trachtenberg become a series regular?

Our love of Ms. Trachtenberg is no secret—she’s so believably demonic as Georgina Sparks that if we saw her walking down the street, we’d probably cross to the other side. So then consider our outright joy last night when Georgina informed the N.Y.U. admissions office that she would not only be attending the school but also hoped to become Blair Waldorf’s roommate. Perfection! Forget all the other characters—and believe us, sometimes we do—a series about Blair and Georgina living together would be one of the very best on television. Think: The Odd Couple with headbands, backstabbing and Vitamin Water.

Who will play Serena’s Dad?

As the curtain dropped on last night’s episode, Serena was off to Fiji (!) to find her long estranged father. Since Andrew McCarthy played what would wind up being Serena’s grandfather in the Gossip Girl spinoff, we’re wondering what other ’80s icon will take the role of her dad. Here’s hoping James Spader has some free time this summer. …

What shenanigans are planned for Jenny?

While everyone else on the show is going to college, Jenny Humphrey (or Little J, if you’re Gossip Girl) is still in high school. And we can’t wait to see how Josh Schwartz keeps her involved in the show. (Poor Jenny seems totally disconnected from the rest of the characters now.) Considering earlier this season Little J became a 15-year-old fashion designer who tried to emancipate herself from her parents, we’re expecting something along the lines of celebrity chef for season three.

Gossip Girl Ends the Season with a Bang