In Democratic gubernatorial primary, 20% remain undecided

Today's Quinnipiac University poll is bad news for Carl Bergmanson, who is challenging Gov. Jon Corzine in the Democratic primary. The former Mayor of Glen Ridge was never expected to beat Corzine, but now he's running fourth, trailing Jeff "Tin Foil" Boss and Roger Bacon, who designs coffee mugs. Boss and Bacon are at 5%, while Bergmanson is at 4%.

The bad news for Corzine is that he's only polling at 65% in the Democratic primary (60% among Democratic women). The Governor was at 70% among Democratic primary voters in an April 22 Quinnipiac poll.

One-third of Democrats are not yet ready to commit to vote for him as their party's nominee for Governor, and 20% of Democrats told Quinnipiac that they are undecided. Most of those undecideds — if they vote – will probably break for Corzine on June 2.

Corzine's job approvals among Democrats are at 63%-27% and his favorable are at 62%-24%.

In 2005, Corzine won the Democratic gubernatorial primary with 88% of the vote. James Kelly, who lived in a group home for adults with mental health issues, won 8%, and Frank Tenaglio, a teacher from Camden County and a former Pennsylvania state legislator, received 4%.

In a general election matchup against Corzine, Republican Christopher Christie is getting 13% of the vote. Four years ago, Republican Douglas Forrester was getting 9% of the Democratic vote in a June Quinnipiac poll.



In Democratic gubernatorial primary, 20% remain undecided