In Mercer mayoral races, big wins for two incumbents

In two Mercer County races where gubernatorial candidates took sides, there was a split. West Windsor Mayor Shing-Fu Hsueh, who had the backing of Gov. Jon Corzine, decimated rival Charles Morgan, a Republican Councilman. Hsueh won 70% of the vote. In Robbinsville, Mayor David Fried was re-elected with 64% of the vote over Corzine's choice, Councilwoman Sonja Walter. Morgan and Fried had the backing of Republican Christopher Christie.

Hsueh's landslide was helped with his new alliance with the local Democratic Party. Sources say that Hsueh, an independent, has agreed not to endorse Republican candidates outside of local politics in exchange for Democratic support of his re-election campaign.

Hsueh has annoyed Democrats in recent years with his support of Republican Bill Baroni in races for the Senate and Assembly. He has reportedly agreed to support Democratic incumbents Linda Greenstein and Wayne DeAngelo in their Assembly bid this year, and not to endorse Baroni in 2011. Four years ago, Baroni backed Hsueh's re-election bid, while Greenstein helped then-Councilwoman Allison Miller.

Fried's victory enhances his clout in Mercer County politics. In 2008, he ran for Republican County Chairman and came within three votes of ousting incumbent Roy Wesley. Wesley has since faced criticism for his failure to run a full slate of Freeholder candidates last year, and for not recruiting first tier Assembly candidates in the politically competitive fourteenth district.

Council candidates running with Hsueh and Fried all won.

In Mercer mayoral races, big wins for two incumbents