In staffer screw-up, House uses snail mail to reach Christie

Former U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie said yesterday that he finally received an invitation from the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law to testify at their March 19 hearing on legislation to reform deferred prosecution agreements and the selection of federal monitors. The letter was sent from Washington by regular mail, even though the committee's standard procedure is to send it certified, or by Federal Express.

Christie, a candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, says he'll review the request and see if it fits into his schedule.

Democrats who were anxious to watch Christie squirm by being called in front of a house panel two weeks before the GOP primary can blame the Judiciary Committee staffer who didn't get the politics of the timing. It will be hard to criticize Christie for not being available to testify on just a few days notice, especially since he found out about his requested testimony from a press release issued by two Democratic Congressmen.

Christie will likely have no choice but to answer questions on his award of lucrative federal monitor contracts to John Ashcroft and David Kelley at some point soon, but not before the June 2 primary. In staffer screw-up, House uses snail mail to reach Christie