Integrity Commission Calls Report ‘Unfounded’

ALBANY—The Commission on Public Integrity just sent a five-page response to the Inspector General's report this morning on its investigation of the Troopergate affair, saying it "inappropriately second guesses" their work and reaches "unfounded conclusions" regarding Executive Director Herb Teitelbaum.

Attributed to Zachary Carter, the Integrity Commission's outside counsel, the statement says that commissioners were aware of the allegation that Teitelbaum had communicated with a Spitzer ally about the Troopergate probe, but that "after reviewing the available evidence, the full Commission carefully considered the matter, and the Chair communicated to the DA, in writing, the Commission's unanimous continued confidence in Mr. Teitelbaum."

The response did not address the calls by David Paterson and some Republicans to fire every member of the commission, starting with Teitelbaum.

Teitelbaum's attorney issued a statement saying Teitelbaum was "proud" of his work with the commission, and felt it was unfortunate that I.G.'s report contained so many "unjustified and inaccurate aspersions."

He did not deny Teitelbaum may have communicated with Robert Hermann, a Spitzer aide.

Paterson's intention is to get rid of all the members of the commission, but he technically only asked for the resignation of his six appointees. He also asked legislative leaders, who each get one, to ask for the resignation of their appointees. 

Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, who was dressed down by the governor earlier this afternoon, said, "I have total confidence in our [the Senate's] appointee Richard Emery, and intend to leave him in place on the commission." 

Integrity Commission Calls Report ‘Unfounded’