Is Mark Sanford fiddling while national Dems burn N.J. primary?

It's no secret that Christopher Christie is the preferred candidate of Republican Governors Association, which clearly views the former U.S. Attorney as their best shot at defeating Gov. Jon Corzine this year. That's why some party insiders are wondering why the national GOP appears to be sitting idly by as national Democrats – specifically the Mid-Atlantic Leadership Fund, has purchased about $900,000 worth of New York and Philadelphia TV ads attacking Christie in an attempt to influence the outcome of the GOP primary.

Christie had a 23 point lead in last week's Quinnipiac poll, which was taken before the negative network ads begain airing.

According to filings with the Internal Revenue Service, the Mid-Atlantic Leadership Fund, which will not need to disclose their donors until July, is run by Sean Sinclair, a Democratic strategist who ran Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's 2004 re-election campaign. The ad ties a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) complaint against Todd Christie, the candidate's brother, to the award of a lucrative federal monitor contract to David Kelley, who as U.S. Attorney in New York declined to prosecute Todd Christie. Corzine and Reid served together in the Senate. Is Mark Sanford fiddling while national Dems burn N.J. primary?