Lonegan says Christie’s poll lead is ‘disintegrating’

Steve Lonegan said that Chris Christie’s 23-point lead over him in a recent Quinnipiac poll has “already begun disintegrating” during this afternoon’s Republican gubernatorial debate.

“We have the momentum… my flat tax is now the centerpiece of this campaign, as it should be,” said Lonegan.

Merkt, who registered much lower than Lonegan – in fact, within the poll’s margin of error – gave a somewhat less optimistic assessment.

“I read the polls, too. But as far as I’m concerned, the people of New Jersey have a choice, and they have the ability to choose experience, if that’s what they want,” said Merkt, who is the only candidate with any experience in state government.

Christie, for his part, gave a more standard frontrunner answer about not being sure about his lead until the votes are counter.

Lonegan says Christie’s poll lead is ‘disintegrating’