Michael Bloomberg Has Spare Time

The Observer's Max Abelson reports that Michael Bloomberg personally called the head of the co-op board at 820 Fifth Avenue in an attempt to get him to approve the application of his friend Jeff Blau. The board did not budge. Citing an unnamed source Abelson writes:

That source said Mayor Michael Bloomberg placed a call to 89-year-old Jayne Wrightsman, the building’s feared, persnickety gatekeeper, who lives one floor below the Hovnanian family. Did Mr. Bloomberg point out that Mr. Blau is the honoree at this November’s Real Estate Council Benefit at the Metropolitan Museum, where Ms. Wrightsman is an emeritus trustee? Did he mention that the fund-raising event’s best tables cost $50,000?

Whatever the richest man in New York said, it didn’t work. The conversation with Ms. Wrightsman, who is widely considered to be the co-op’s chieftain even though she’s not technically on its board, did not reverse Mr. Blau’s fate.

“Nothing changed after the call,” the source said.

Blau is the president of Related, a major real estate firm in the city.

Michael Bloomberg Has Spare Time