Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Private Meeting, Eliot Spitzer’s Pac-Man

Where is the opposition to gay marriage?

The City Council will “fast track” a bill to lift residency requirements for thousands of municipal employees.

Michael Bloomberg participated in a secret meeting last week with Oprah, George Soros, Warren Buffett and others. “Each attendee was given 15 minutes to deliver a presentation on how they saw the future global economic climate, the future priorities for philanthropy, and what they felt the elite group should do,” according to this web site.

Niall O’Dowd wonders what the results of the meeting were.

Lucianne picks up on the meeting also.

Bloomberg’s handling of the flu epidemic has not been ideal, critics say.

The flu caused the shutdown of another four private schools, two public schools and one charter school.

Dennis Walcott is still lobbying state lawmakers about mayoral control.

“They can’t hijack us,” one Democratic lawmaker said about Republicans supporting mayoral control over opposition from the Democratic majority.

Suzi Oppenheimer is withdrawing her bill that would permit a charter school to open.

Bill Thompson said he’ll employ Andrew Cuomo’s anti-corruption measures.

Micah Kellner is endorsing Leslie Crocker Snyder, who Page Six suggests ought to be in trouble with LGBT people because of something she once wrote about a Tony Kushner play.

Eliot Spitzer told the state inspector general “you are now one more little Pac-Man participating in this fishing expedition.”

Ken Lovett analyzies the transcript of that Spitzer interview.

Tom Golisano talks (more) about his for-public-consumption decision to move out of New York, which he says will save him $5 million.

Scott Stringer cites Obama’s intervention with Steve Israel as a reason for dropping out of the senate race.

Budgets for city schools are getting cut y 5 percent.

Three school districts on Long Island voted down their proposed budgets.

And The Journal News has an extensive roundup of school budget votes in their area.


Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Private Meeting, Eliot Spitzer’s Pac-Man