Morning Read, Upstate: Drug Law Pushback, Paterson’s Musical Chairs

Insurance Superintendent Eric DiNallo stepped down to teach at N.Y.U. (and maybe run for attorney general).

The game of Paterson administration "musical chairs" also includes press secretary Errol Cockfield, Robert Megna as budget director and the rumored departure of several other officials.

Republicans are livid over a provision that allows judges to seal criminal records of convicted drug offenders.

Chuck Schumer will guide Sonia Sotomayor to confirmation, and cancelled a trip upstate when she was nominated so he could go on the air promoting her.

If the federal government recognizes their sovereignty, Long Island officials want the Shinnecock tribe to build a casino at Belmont Park.

Volunteer firefighters are not happy with Andrew Cuomo's government consolidation bill.

Sheldon Silver is facing pushback on his plan for school control.

Cynthia Nixon and Maya Angelou are calling state senators to make the case for same-sex marriage.

Andrew Cuomo is cracking down on immigration fraud.

Empire State Development is cracking down on businesses improperly receiving state incentives.

And below, here's video of State Senator Frank Padavan making a stink about changes to the Rockefeller drug laws:

Morning Read, Upstate: Drug Law Pushback, Paterson’s Musical Chairs