Morning Read, Upstate: Paterson’s Budget Gaffe, Yahoo Gets a Deal

Unexpectedly, and questionably, David Paterson said the budget deficit will grow to more than double what is currently projected.

Standing next to him, Sheldon Silver looked confused. Malcolm Smith shot glances at an aide.

Paterson made the mistake during a press conference announcing an extension of unemployment benefits.

The subsidy package the New York Power Authority offered Yahoo translates to about $810,000 for every $50,000 job.

Corrections officers will get $100 if they attend a rally at the Capitol.

The Daily News thinks this is the day to get to a good place on Ground Zero development.

Even though all the relevant parties to the redevelopment are meeting, Michael Bloomberg is tamping down expectations.

Documents show the project may be $1.1 billion over budget.

State prosecutors busted a sex ring in Queens that was soliciting clients via Craig's List.

The Orange County executive is still angry over the M.T.A. payroll tax.

Representative Scott Murphy advanced his first amendment to create more business opportunities for veterans.

The Teachers' Retirement System invested $425 million with the Carlyle Group, a firm that settled in connection with a probe of pension pay-to-play.

Legislators are considering a bloggers bill of rights.

In Buffalo, a protest is planned today against red light cameras.

And below, here's a video of State Senator Brian Foley talking about a bill just passed that will allow firefighters to drive firetrucks without commercial drivers licenses: Morning Read, Upstate: Paterson’s Budget Gaffe, Yahoo Gets a Deal