Morning Read, Upstate: Same-Sex Marriage Passes, Novello Gets Charged

The State Assembly approved same-sex marriage legislation, again, by a vote of 89-52.

State Senator Tom Duane predicted there will be some "me-tooism" in his chamber.

Dr. Antonia Novello, the former health commissioner, was indicted on charges she improperly had employees drive her around.

These are similar to the charges brought against former comptroller Alan Hevesi.

The Daily News says things haven't been this bad in Albany since the days of Boss Tweed.

General Electric will build a $100 million battery plant in the Capital Region.

Some of the politicians opposing mayoral control have seen test scores in their districts rise under the current system.

A bill is now advancing that would dilute the Mayor's authority with respect to education.

Another middleman pleaded guilty in the ongoing probe of Hank Morris and the state pension fund.

The State Senate will take up a bill to raise the income ceiling for a prescription drug program.

After the adoption of the state budget, libraries need money.

Assemblyman Marc Molinaro has a newborn son.

The state's highest court ruled that police need a search warrant to use a G.P.S. tracking device.

And below, Kirsten Gillibrand insists she's not a flip-flopper:

Morning Read, Upstate: Same-Sex Marriage Passes, Novello Gets Charged